Race Regulations


The Everest Marathon is only suitable for runners with recent experience of cross country, fell or mountain running experience or endurance events. Experience of rough and steep terrain is essential; road marathon only experience is not sufficient.

Age limits

Age as on race day:
Minimum age: 21 years.
Maximum age: 65 years

In exceptional circumstances older or younger competitors may be considered, but if you are outside of this age range then please contact us before entering so that additional medical checks can be made.

The whole event

Starting the Thamo Loop above Namche Bazaar
Starting the Thamo Loop above Namche Bazaar

We do not allow runners to join the event in Namche Bazaar or at Gorak Shep and all participants must join the group in Kathmandu. Our medical team must monitor fitness and health throughout the trek. It is also important that runners get acquainted so that they can help each other during the trek and race.


All participants are required to sign a disclaimer certifying that they are participating at their own risk.

Medical conditions

In May 2019 you will be sent two medical certificates. Your doctor must provide a medical history and certify that you are fit to participate. If you have an unusual medical condition our chief doctor will make the final decision on your suitability after consultation with your doctor. If your place offer is withdrawn as a result, you will be entitled to a full refund of the deposit paid.


Most people will acclimatise sufficiently to race the full course. All competitors must pass a medical examination at Lobuche before proceeding to the race start at Gorak Shep. A few competitors may fail to acclimatise, in which case they will be unable to ascend to the official start and will run a shorter race from a lower altitude.

Medical withdrawal

Our official medical team may withdraw any runner from the trek or race should they feel that continuing will endanger that runner or other people, due to medical or safety grounds. Runners will be given every assistance and encouragement but any decision to withdraw them is final. The race organisers, Nepalese agent and his staff, medical team and marshals can take no responsibility for any runner continuing against advice.

Cut-off points

Tengboche – 14 miles: 12.30 pm
Chorkhung – 20 miles: 2.30 pm
Runners must reach these cut-off points by the times stated and must be in a fit condition to leave after a further 15 minutes or withdraw from the race.

Minimum kit

All runners must wear or carry the following kit:

  • long sleeved thermal top and leggings
  • additional top and leg covering
  • windproof and waterproof jacket (with hood) and trousers
  • balaclava or thermal head covering
  • gloves or mittens
  • whistle
  • emergency bivvy bag (large plastic or foil)
  • head torch and new battery

It is the responsibility of each runner to provide assistance to other runners in the event of an accident or emergency, or if they have gone off course.