The first two chapters of Help Nepal Network were established in the UK and Nepal in 1999 and it has now expanded to a dozen countries all over the world. It was the realisation that, besides being in a much more privileged position compared to most of their fellow citizens in Nepal, only a few Nepalis were doing something to help the country of their birth, while many non-Nepalese were engaged in philanthropic activities in Nepal and virtually all Non-Governmental Organisations in the country were also being financed by foreign donors. It was only appropriate to encourage the large and resourceful pool of expatriate Nepalis to contribute to Nepal as much as they could.

In 10 years Help Nepal Network has helped:

  • 7 projects relating to conflict impacted children;
  • 18 schools
  • 1 water project
  • 3 health and 2 vaccination camps
  • 3 eye and 1 dental camp
  • help to the children’s hospital in Kathmandu and the distribution of medical equipment
  • solar lighting in Humla: 100 houses equipped with a target of 7,000
  • health post in Mugu
  • emergency relief in Bhojpur (wildfire) and Khotang (flooding)

The health post in Mugu is located in the village of Murma in Mid-West Nepal, an area without roads or other social infrastructure. The total cost of the project came to around US$ 14,000 of which 50% was provided by the local community. This included land, building material and labour costs. Day to day running of the centre is supervised by the village committee with monthly reports submitted to both the local government and Help Nepal Network. It has now received 6 grants from the Everest Marathon Fund for staff wages, training, medicines and running costs since it was completed in 2004.   The annual budget comes to about £5,500 including 4 salaries.

In 2018 we shall be providing £3,000 towards building repair and maintenance.

Health Clinic at Mugu

Health Clinic at MuguHealth Clinic at Mugu